September 15, 2016

Sanctuary Bay By: Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz Review #SpotOnTwists

I won a free copy of Sanctuary Bay By: Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz on a blog! Thank you to whatever blog it was. I'm so sorry, I know I'm horrible at remembering where I win books from. I'm working on doing better about this in the future! 

Short Review Summary: 
This reminds me of The Skulls with a few twists. 

To me Sanctuary Bay is like a Goosebumps novel meets an Are You Afraid Of The Dark? episode meets that movie The Skulls. I got a Goosebumps vibe because Sarah going to Sanctuary Bay and how secluded it is reminded me of all of the Goosebumps camp novels. The reason it also made me think of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is because a few things in the beginning were just weird and that whole "out of place kind of creepy" and didn't make sense till the end. Of course it mostly reminded me of The Skulls because of the school's secret society. So right away I was pretty sure that I would enjoy this book and I did!

Early on I was pretty sure that I had guessed at least a big part of the outcome of the book. Well I was mostly wrong. LOL! Which makes me so thrilled because I love when a thriller is surprising. There are a few interesting twists that had me saying, "WTF?!" a few times. I love it and I spent a lot of time trying to guess where the story would go. 

I also like that Sanctuary Bay flows really well and it's an easy read. There are a few old reliable tropes, but combined with the twists it worked fabulously. I also did like how the book ended, but I'm confused as to if there will be a sequel or not. Based on how it left off there could be a sequel, but I'm not sure how good that would be. I would try it for sure though!

Overall I am really surprised by how much I enjoyed Sanctuary Bay. This is one that didn't end up how I expected it to and you just have to read it for yourself! I will say there's a lot going on in this book, but it's pretty fantastic!! 

I recommend Sanctuary Bay for fans of books with spot on twists and for fans of the movie The Skulls. 

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