September 2, 2016

#AbsolutelyChiling The Stranger Beside Me By: Ann Rule Review

Short Review Summary: 
Creepy, intriguing, and well written. 

Ah! True crime really freaks me out sometimes. The Stranger Beside Me is a good example of a true crime story that is really chilling to me. Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers and while this story is intriguing, it's creepy as hell. 

Bundy's story creeps me out so much because he was such a chameleon and there were times that women went with him willingly because of whatever story he told them. He was a predator that picked out vulnerable women who were distracted or trusted him. It's scary because as a women I can relate to these situations. There was time I was walking home alone, (I was 15 years old & wearing a bathing suit) I was distracted, and a man tried to talk me into getting into his car for a ride home. I declined and he kept trying. I had a weird vibe and told him I was almost home and he took off after that. Not saying that he was, but who knows he could have been a MURDERER. He seemed nice, but I got a weird vibe and some of the stories in this book about women who met Bundy reminded me of that time. Ladies, we really need to be careful out there and aware of our surroundings at ALL TIMES. 

The Stranger Beside Me is also creepy because the author Ann Rule worked with Bundy and was friends with him. Here is a true life story of how well do you know your co-workers? Your friends? Neighbors and etc.? I don't know what I would do if I found out someone I knew was a serial killer. I liked that this book is not only about Bundy, but also it's a little bit about Ann Rule coming to terms with the fact that someone she knew turned out to be a killer. 

Overall The Stranger Beside Me is an interesting, but chilling novel. The writing is spectacular, but there are a few parts that are slow. For example all of the trial parts were a bit difficult for me to get through. Despite that, this is still a five star read for me and I can't wait to read more of Ann Rule's novels.

I recommend The Stranger Beside me for anyone who loves the ID Channel like I do! 

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