August 1, 2016

Music Monday- Okay, So I Love Sexy Songs...

Music Monday is a weekly feature/meme hosted here at Always Me. The idea behind it is to share one or two songs that you have been enjoying lately. 

This Monday I decided to share some sexy songs that I have been enjoying. I have to admit that I think of freaky/sexy music as it's own genre. Anything that is sexual in any way qualifies as being in this genre for me and I LOVE IT. Don't judge me please. LOL. So here are two songs that I have been enjoying lately that are sexxxy songs. 

1. Oui By: Jeremih

I love this one! Oui is such a smooth and silky song, but also it's catchy! I've been enjoying this one for a while now. Lately it's been stuck in my head a lot though. I really love the part about him being a grown man in his suit and tie. ;) 


Grown man, in my suit and tie
Hey, there's no we without you and I
Oh, yea, ah yea, ah ah yea 

2. Sexual By: Neiked 

I really like the whole vibe of Sexual. This song sounds amazing and it's so addicting and fun. I wish it would blow up already. I don't know anyone else that has heard of it. :( 


Just say you feel the way that I feel
I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual
Just say you feel the way that I feel
I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual

That's it for this Music Monday! Have you heard/like Oui or Sexual? What do you think about sexy/freaky songs, are you a fan or is it not for you? As always, feel free to let me know what you have been listening to lately! 

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