August 24, 2016

Dancing With The Tiger By: Lili Wright Review

I won a free copy of Dancing With The Tiger By: Lili Wright in a Goodreads giveaway, so thank you to Goodreads and Putnam Books! 

When I first saw the summary for Dancing With The Tiger I was immediately intrigued by the Mexico setting and the colorful cover. I haven't read very many books set in Mexico. I am so glad that the setting was done well in this one. The writing throughout is so vivid and beautiful.  I really enjoyed the writing style in general. 

The characters are also well done and they are pretty fleshed out. I liked Anna and I had to keep reading to see what would happen next with her. In general I love the whole literal/metaphorical mask thing this book has going on as well. The plot just really hooked me with the masks and art angles.

Dancing With The Tiger is such a stunning debut, but I did have one issue. It's really slow paced at times. Some parts seemed to really drag on and on with too many descriptions. I really do wish that this was faster paced, but pushing through the slower parts is worth it. Thankfully it's not all slow and the ending is action packed. I like how everything turned out too.

Overall Dancing With The Tiger is an enjoyable read! I love how it has a little bit of everything. Adventure, crime, art, history, and more! It's an amazing novel, despite a few parts that were bogged down a bit. I would love to read more by this author in the future!

I recommend Dancing With The Tiger for mystery/thriller fans looking for an intricate plot. 

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