August 25, 2016

Crossing the Barrier (The Gray Eyes Series #1) By: Martine Lewis ReviewAnd Blog Tour!!

Welcome to my spot on the Crossing the Barrier By: Martine Lewis Blog Tour! 

Title: Crossing the Barrier
Author: Martine Lewis
Publication Date: March 22, 2016
Genre: Upper YA Coming of Age Contemporary Romance with a touch of Paranormal
Publisher: BMJ Chanapi Press
Buy Link: Amazon
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Crossing the Barrier is a book that intrigued me from the moment I saw it on Goodreads. In the summary it says that Lily can feel everyone's emotions and I really wanted to read more about that. I find the whole empath thing really fascinating and I am so happy that it is done well in the book! 

This story is a better than I expected it to be. I really like Lily's and Malakai's characters, even though Lily did start to annoy me near the end of the book. It wasn't her character exactly, just the decisions she kept making seemed ridiculous to me. Also, I don't know who infuriated me more Beatrice or Wes! The author does a great job of making you feel for Lily and Malakai's characters that's for sure. I love when you really feel for the characters in a story.

So here is where I have to be really honest about this book. I loved it, I really did. However, it's so CORNY. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of corny if it's still a good book. That's how it is with Crossing the Barrier. It's super cheesy, but gosh it is so addicting and entertaining. Oh and that ENDING!!! It really made me desperate to read the next one. I need more information ASAP!!

Overall Crossing the Barrier has a few issues (corny being the main one), but I still enjoyed it immensely. In a way this book reminded me of Twilight even though the two stories are very different. I feel that it's similar in the way that there are some noticeable issues, but the writing is very captivating and fun. I can't wait to read book two and see what will happen next. 

I recommend Crossing the Barrier for fans of the Twilight series, Lux series, The Mortal Instruments series, and the House of Night series. 

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