July 15, 2016

Vincent, Survivor By: O.L. Eggert DNF Review

Thank you to the author for providing an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review!


Well I had to DNF Vincent, Survivor. I really struggled with the decision to DNF this book. I don't like to DNF books, but we all know it's necessary sometimes. I had a harder time doing that with this one because it started off really strong for me. 

So why did I DNF? What happened? I lost interest. Plain and simple. I'm not even sure why really. One thing I can think of that I could say about it, is that the writing is a bit bland. I wanted a little bit of flair. Other than that I just don't know.

I have to say I was really intrigued by the minotaurs. That's pretty unusual in an urban fantasy book and I really liked that. Maybe some of the reason I lost interest despite a good start is because I didn't connect to Vincent. I liked Vincent, but he was a bit dull. Grandma is a really interesting character though! 

Overall, Vincent, Survivor is not a bad book. I just didn't connect with it like I was hoping to and I just couldn't finish it. I think there are some unique and interesting things going on here, but I just lost interest unfortunately. This book just isn't for me I guess. 

I can't personally recommend Vincent, Survivor, but I think if you are an urban fantasy fan there is no harm in giving it a try! It's worth a shot. 

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