December 28, 2015

Christmas/Christmas Haul

Thank you to all of my friends and family for making this Christmas super special. I  had a very long Christmas and it wasn't all on Christmas Day either. I celebrated with some family on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Night, and well it all seemed to really drag out. I'm still cleaning up from it too! It was a fantastic holiday this year though and I'm so blessed to have so many friends and family to spend it with. Other than being sick the morning of Christmas Eve, everything was pretty perfect.

I got to spend some quality time with my husband since he had a whole week off from work. I also had a fabulous time making memories with my friends and family, but my favorite part was watching my children light up with joy when they opened their presents. I received some really amazing gifts myself this Christmas and here is some of my Christmas Haul!


Not quite a Christmas gift, but my husband did let me go buy some of the Fever series on Christmas Eve Eve! I'm reading the fourth one now (2nd and 3rd book reviews to come) and now I just need to buy Iced!

I  got the rest of the Lunar Chronicles series for an early Christmas gift from a friend. I'm so glad I have the whole series! I also received the DVDs for Ghost & Jaws! :D

The Lux series!!! I'm so excited my husband's parents got me these and I can read more on this series. What wonderful in-laws I have! :)

Hooray!!! Another book I found under the tree, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams! Thank you to my parents for this one.

Book-Related & Mugs:

Thank you to my long distance BFF for the awesome necklace!! It's so me, I never have enough time for all the books I want to be reading. I love this necklace so much.

I love these mugs my friend bought for the husband & I! It's 100% true as well. LOL!

My friend also gave me this adorable Friday mug. Since we try to hang out EVERY Friday. Those are our days and we are always saying, "Is it Friday yet?" On the back it says, Why is Monday so far from Friday But Friday so close to Monday?

Non-Book Related Gifts:

Alcohol is always a good gift for me! Thanks to my parents for this made in Canada apple pie moonshine and thanks to my in-laws for the set of wine glasses and my favorite moscato. The moscato and wine glasses were part of a theme gift. The main part is a bath rack with places to set my book on, wine, a candle, soap, bubble bath & etc. Which I got something for each spot. Pretty kick ass! I love my relaxing bubble baths & reading in the tub!

Thank you to my grandparents for this one! I got to do a fun little scavenger hunt and this was at the end of it. I can't wait to make my floors all clean without killing my back!

I also got this CUTE penguin globe from my in-laws! It plays joy to the world. I love it!

A big thanks to my parents for my replacement penguin spoon rests! In case you didn't know, I LOVE penguins. I had a penguin spoon rest years ago that broke and I needed a new one so bad.

I also received a beautiful & really nice planner (which I desperately needed!), a few gift cards, a few other small fun items, AND last but, not least....

We got a new furbaby that I named Belle!!

So overall it was pretty much the best Christmas ever. Thank you again to everyone who made it so special and thank you for all of the amazing gifties I was blessed to receive. I hope everyone else had an awesome holiday as well.

What books, bookish items, or non bookish things did you receive under the tree this year?

Also, I had a lot of yummy food (too much yummy food) this holiday season! There is one recipe I wanted to share with you guys though. It's a Pillsbury recipe and you can find it here Sausage and Cheese Crescent Squares . My mom makes this every year and it's delish!!

I highly recommend it and it's really simple to make. Enjoy!


  1. So many wonderful presents but I think I like the furbaby best. ;)
    Huge congrats to you on everything!!

  2. I loved the Lux series! Have you read them before?

    1. Only the first one! So I can't wait to read the rest. :D :P

    2. I was so glad that all the books in the series were already out when I started to read this series because I would have hated waiting!

    3. Yes!!! Me too!! I'm going to finish the Fever series and then binge all of those! :)

  3. Fur babies are the best! I have 2 cats that I love dearly. Enjoy all of your new books!

    1. Awe that's so sweet! I like cats too, but I only have dogs right now.

  4. I love the necklace - it's so true! The puppy is so cute <3

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

    1. Ty! Yes the necklace is sooooo true. Probably for a lot of us lol. ;)


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