July 24, 2015

Everything, Everything By: Nicola Yoon ARC Review

Thank you to NetGalley and Delacorte Books for allowing me to read and review Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Everything, Everything is about a girl named Madeline who is allergic to the outside world. She has SCID and has not left the house that she shares with her mother in seventeen years. The only people she sees are her mom and her nurse Carla. Then one day a boy named Oliver moves in next door and Madeline is certain that she will fall in love with him. Let me just take a minute here to give props to the author on the diversity in the novel. Maddy is African American and Asian, and Olly is white. Yey for interracial relationships! Yey for diversity in novels! 

First off, I read this book in one day. It was that good. I knew I would when I was less than 30 pages in and one of my favorite books, Flowers for Algernon, was mentioned. Flowers for Algernon and more fantastic novels are also mentioned throughout the book. As a book nerd, I just love to see good books mentioned in books! I also love how the story was also told with diary entries, illustrations, charts, lists, and etc. I love fun things like that in books that give it some character and personality. It also breaks up the monotony of just reading prose all the time.

This story is so good, and the characters were fun and entertaining. Olly's character is hilarious in my opinion. He wears all black, can never sit still, and does parkour. As for Maddy, I immediately felt for her character. She is a very likable character and you can understand her, without feeling sorry for her. Which is good, because I was wondering if this would be one of those really rough and depressing reads. It wasn't. There is a little bit of cheese and a lot of feels though. Oh, and Nicola Yoon captures the feeling of wanting more so perfectly. The writing in Everything, Everything is phenomenal. The story is fast paced, flows well, and it keeps you interested throughout. Once I started the book, I could not put it down.  I have children so I did have to put it down at one point, but I was very irritated about it and I couldn't wait to come back to it. ;) 

I have only one tiny complaint... I guessed the ending. All of it. I will say I think most people will be very surprised. I have seen a movie (I won't mention the title because anyone who has seen it will guess this books ending.) and let me just say a similar twist happened in that movie. So early on I thought, "What if this (insert spoiler here) happens at the end?" Then when it did happen I was a little let down that I guessed it, but really the story was so good I didn't end up caring. I still gave Everything, Everything the 5 stars it deserves. This is definitely one of my favorite books of the year and I recommend this book for everyone. 

Note: The picture I used is one I took of the cover on my iPad. I read the e-book on my iPad courtesy of Delacorte Press. 


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